Picadeli salad bar
It is not just a salald


Close your eyes and picture a world where fast food is the opposite of junk food—now you’re noticing things through our point of view—with the Picadeli-vision. In our reality people are given the rights of eating smarter and healthier, while doing so in a convenient way. It all might sound like the words of a crazy person, so be it. We’re the walking representation of all make-believers out there, people with the guts and imaginative power of creating something worth believing in.

Nope. It’s not just a castle in the sky. This is all realized by providing fresh, tasty and nutritious food to you guys. Plated in our own green bowl. We are positive of you loving it, no matter if you’re an unemployed table tennis coach, a street artist or maybe even the world’s most famous influencer.


Who the heck is telling you all this? It might all be nonsense as far as you know. Now give us a moment to explain a thing or two…

Back in the day, getting a smart and quick meal was a task easier said than done. Sick and tired of hot dogs and sloppy burgers, a salesman craved for a healthier way of eating on the go. An idea (of quite brilliant kind) now emerged—to change the way people were having their lunch.

It all had its humble start in 2009, with one lonely salad bar in a small city located on the West coast of Sweden. At this point in time we had introduced a whole new category to the grocery stores—and the store owners saw its potential. Little did that first salad bar know, that it would become the ancestor of a huge success.

Without bragging too loud we’re able to state Picadeli as the market leader in the Europe, with over 2 000 salad bars offering people a new way of eating fast food. With that said you can count on us looking out for you, no matter where you may roam (today you’ll find us in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Germany, Belgium and France).

Since 2015, Picadeli has been a part of Greenfood Group—the Nordic market leader within green convenience, employing over 1 500 people in seven countries divided through different concepts—Picadeli is one of them and most likely the best (said with zero percent of bias).

Learn more about our conquering of Europe in this video

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