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Maybe you would like to know more about how you can implement Picadeli’s service at your company? Perhaps you want to give us tips on how we can improve (yes, we’re actually quite humble people), ask about our products, advertisements or just to chat about which dressing that could take your salad to the next level? We’d love to hear from you!

The Headquarter of Salad

Rullagergatan 1
415 05  Gothenburg

Customer Service

031-88 64 88

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Our Whistleblowing service

Our whistleblowing service is an early warning system to reduce risks. It is an important tool to foster high ethical standards and maintaining customer and public confidence in us.

The whistleblowing service can be used to alert us about serious risks of wrongdoing affecting people, our organisation, society, or the environment. Your report can include information regarding criminal offences, irregularities and violations or other actions in breach of EU or national laws, within a work-related context.

You do not need proof of your suspicions, but all messages must be made in good faith.

Report here: https://report.whistleb.com/en/message/greenfood

For the fastest service, we recommend that you use our contact form. See ya!

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