Picadeli salad bar
It is not just a salald

Our love of fresh and tasty food

We serve fresh and tasty food in a wide range of products. The extensive assortment and the fact that you mix your own salad exactly the way you prefer, makes it convenient and easy to love. The way we present our concept makes is at hand for almost anyone; from urban hipsters—to gnomes living under rocks (as long as they got access to a salad bar).

Get a salad from Picadeli and you’re guaranteed that everything in it is produced on great standards, with consideration of animals, people and the planet earth (and indirectly all the other planets in our universe). That said, we’re only offering carefully selected ingredients that have taken part of a sustainable production.

We strive to reach beyond your expectations. For us, that means we’re continuously co-operating with our suppliers, working closely with our partners and stores to develop better products. Always striving to make sure that the end customer gets a fresh, tasty and satisfying experience (oh lá lá).

Ultimately, we’re taking on full responsibility for the food we deliver and for the things we do and develop. To make sure that we do this we have high requirements regarding food-safety, quality and traceability. All within clear guidelines for planting, farming, animal protection and labour standards (it’s described in our product policy if you think we’re making it all up).

Delivering reliable high-quality products

All our retailers are committed to a self-control program, somewhat similar to the way a parent is treating their first born when it’s time to leave the nest. With that said, it’s in our interest to educate every individual working with our salad bars, all to make sure that the it is taken care of well.

All products are delivered in disposable containers. Disposable containers you may say (?!) Yes. They are. But they are also fully recyclable (we almost got you there). By doing so we minimize the amount of work needed to manage the salad bars and at the same time, we’re maximizing the durability and freshness of the food. It’s a “winner winner salad dinner”.

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