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Food tech

Picadeli use a combination of innovative hardware and software to make every part of managing a salad bar as easy and efficient as possible, from ensuring food safety to plan your assortment and ensure the correct quantity is ordered every time.

  • The Worlds’ Safest Salad Bars for tasty,  fresh and convenient food and with integrated storage fridges for quick refilling.
  • Monitoring systems for optimal food safety with alarms triggered if product date expires or if there are temperature deviations – all communicated and controlled in a mobile device.
  • Ordering process with AI powered suggestions easily accessed from the mobile device.
  • Insights and recommendations help optimize assortment, orders, routines to maximize freshness and support waste reduction.

The Arctic salad bars are powered by the Picadeli developed software suit Arcplatform. It is based on software in the salad bar, an app in a handheld device and several backend microservices leveraging machine learning and other predictive algorithms.

The platform consists of four modules that simplifies all aspects of operating a salad bar, they are:

  • Arcsaftey
  • Arccloud
  • Arcplan
  • Arcorder

Food safety has always been at the Picadeli Core. Besides the hygiene design solutions such as automized hand sanitizers, pendant utensils and hoods for maximal protection – the Arcsaftey represents our safety standard to keep food in optimal conditions and includes features like:

  • Monitoring system with alerts if there are temperature deviations or if shelf life expires.
  • Monitoring of open and closed shelf-life with alarms to the Salad bartender and Picadeli in case of deviations.
  • Clear caring instructions through checklists with reminders and follow-ups.
  • Patented cooling system, providing constant air flow over products to maximize freshness

Arccloud is our back-office system that enables end-to-end transparency and insights:

  • Real time data brought to life through dynamic dashboards.
  • Allowing deep dive into store and chain performance.
  • Built with microservice architecture and leveraging serverless technology to ensure high availability and scalability

The Arcplan enables store unique planograms that are optimized based on, for example; product rankings, trend analysis and optimized profitability for the individual store.

  • Optimize the planogram for your store and ensure an attractive assortment within a reasonable average price and with minimal waste
  • Plan for future assortment changes (product news, seasonal- and campaign themes etc.) and get automated suggestions
  • Test new products and evaluate outcome to always keep the salad bar interesting

Automatically keeps track of your inventory and use AI powered algorthms to suggest what and how much to order.

  • Order suggestions based on planograms, current stock levels, sales history and external factors like weather forecasts and public holidays to create order recommendations that maximize availability and minimize waste.
  • Machine learning algorithms and continous improvements ensures the order predictions refines continuously.
  • The order suggestions are easily reviewed and accepted from the hand-held device.
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