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Our salad bar “The Arctic”

We constantly strive to create the freshest possible salad bar experience. A key part of the daily grind is to ensure that the person managing the salad bar has the best tools and information possible to create that experience. That is the basis on which we decided to challenge ourselves—doing something no one had ever done before. We created a digital platform where the center piece is the connected salad bar that we call *drum roll* “The Arctic”.

We’re handling the sci-fi up in here: The Arctic bar has a digital food freshness system, digital labels, smart cooling algorithms and displays to communicate with the consumer. It’s connected to a cloud-based monitoring system enabling active and passive control of store level parameters and remote support functionality.

A full concept solution

We have the World’s safest salad bar! We call it The Arctic bar, and it provides a full concept solution from digital labels and planograms, to smart hand units for scanning of containers. Each container with products has a QR code which makes it traceable through the intelligent food safety system—integrated farm-to-fork traceability in continuous chain.

Data about consumption, which products that work well in different locations, cleaning schedules and temperature is used to optimize the assortment and enable data driven follow-ups.

The Arctic, and our digital platform define a new level of smartness in retail concepts (super smart, in fact), in other words, the Arctic is optimized to ensure that the customers and consumers get a fresh and tasty food experience. That is “fast food de la future” for us!

If you feel that you can’t get enough of the Arctic, Jonas Landström is happy to tell you more about the concept and our smart (yes, super smart. Ops sorry, are we repeating ourselves now?) salad bars. But first, check out some of the functions that make it the world’s safest salad bar. Ok, that’s repeating ourselves twice – let’s just check it out instead!

Arctic- the world´s safest salad bar

backstage at picadeli starring Jonas

Want to learn more? Yaay! We give you: backstage at picadeli starring Jessica

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