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The somewhat spectacular (well… genius) idea about Picadeli is your liberty to choose, to go your own way. For instance, we wouldn’t blame anyone finding our shrimps, olives or hummus as “no-goes”. Instead: We insist on you solely indulging the products of your fancy, maybe you’re one of those all about Tabbouleh. Speaking of which, you might not even have found your favourite yet.

On that note we’re offering a wide range of choices, however, the assortment will vary from store to store, as it also changes depending on season. Planning on going plant-based for the summer? Fab, because 7 out of 10 of all the products in our assortment are vegan the whole year-round.

To view the entire range of selections for your particular market, or if you’d like to get to know the products a little bit better, you’ll best do so by stepping into these magical portals Sweden, France, Germany, Finland, Denmark.

Ah, did you rather have someone telling you about our products? Such a coincidence that we got this video, starring one of our product developers, Gunilla. Listen in and learn that the majority of our vegetables are locally grown and that our internal panel gets to secure the quality of each and every product before anything leaves this building.

Backsatage at picadeli staring Gunilla

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