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World Salad Day

“Our mission is to democratize healthy food. And we believe that one way of doing this is to help people change the mental picture of what a salad is and what it could be, from an expensive add-on to a relatively budget-friendly main dish. We put salad in the center 365 days a year, and now we challenge the rest of the food industry to do the same, if only for one day” Thats the words from a true salad company CEO, aka the best one there is, namely Group CEO at Picadeli: David von Laskowski.

Each year on March 20th, we release the Vegocracy Report, packed with insights on how we can create and encourage change in eating habits on many levels, and catapulting salads, and good food, from the sidelines into the spotlight. 

This years' study reveals that one in five respondents cut back on fruit and vegetables to save money during the cost-of-living crisis, while 13% spend less than 10% of their food budget on them. A whole 80% would eat more fruit and greens if they were cheaper.

“For some people it really is too expensive, and for those we need to lower the cost, for example with a reduced tax on fruit and greens. But for a lot of people, it’s rather the comparison or the idea of the cost that is too high. And to help people change the mental model of a salad, we need to present it as a fulfilling, satiating dish, and be very specific about the comparative cost of another meal. This to frame the salad as a full meal alternative,” says David von Laskowski.

The Vegocracy Report 2024 shows that the main reasons why people do not choose salad for lunch/dinner are that they prefer warm food (43%) and that they don’t get the same feeling of satiety (30%). We say: this is a knowledge gap that the industry must help to bridge.

“Filling these gaps, correcting the misunderstandings and prejudices of ‘the salad concept’, we might also change the experience of affordability and how people set priorities when choosing what to eat. And by doing that, we could boost both the health of people and the planet. So, let’s celebrate World Salad Day on March 20th by putting salad in the spotlight, the whole industry together, to start making a real impact and drive change in eating habits,” says David von Laskowski.